Invade [verb]

Definition of Invade:

attack and encroach

Synonyms of Invade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invade:

Sentence/Example of Invade:

An infection progresses to disease when the cells in the body become damaged by the invading germs, which can lead to symptoms of an illness appearing.

Still others have worried that the forum has been invaded, surveilled or compromised by the Wall Street giants they pledged to fight all along.

Two weeks ago, rioters invaded the Capitol, the first time such a thing had happened since British forces tried to burn it down.

These vigilantes understand that they should never invade the capitol again now that they’ve been threatened with a peaceful night at their hotels.

The scientists looked for antibodies and immune cells that could recognize and react to different fragments of the virus, particularly the spike-shaped protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 that helps it invade host cells.

These same antibodies will now recognize the spike protein on the surface of any viral particles that invade your body.

He was assigned to the British diplomatic mission in Seoul when North Korean forces invaded the capital city in 1950.

Not only is this not the first big hornet to invade the United States, the predatory insects hunt for honey­bees, not people.

First, many consumers hate it because they feel like their privacy is being invaded.

One major breakthrough was to map the structure of “spike” proteins on the surface of the virus, which the virus relies on to invade our cells.