Maraud [verb]

Definition of Maraud:

pillage and plunder

Synonyms of Maraud:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maraud:

Sentence/Example of Maraud:

That they are on the maraud is evidenced by the absence of tents.

A little before day, they were all on the alert; it was the hour for Indian maraud.

Maraud filled the glass, and, raising it to his lips, quaffed of the fairy cider.

Like pillagers of harvest, Their fame is far abroad, As gray remorseless troopers That plunder and maraud.

And am I to go out, Maraud, and take peoples horses with my hands all over grease, while you stand l—s—ng yourself there?

All have been “cached” in a cave among the rocks; there to remain till needed for some future maraud, or massacre.

Maraud seized upon one, but when he had cut it he perceived that it was made of hairs, and he threw it down in disgust.