Forage [verb]

Definition of Forage:

search madly for

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Sentence/Example of Forage:

Habitat destruction to clear land for palm oil plantations, exacerbated by El Niño–induced drought, caused the bats to migrate out of the forests and forage near industrial pig farms.

His main body set about preparing food, and disposed themselves at ease, while parties went out to forage.

This led to the discovery that the young urchin had been on a most successful forage for a dinner that morning.

He had to keep 160 men and eighty horse, and to draw all victuals and forage from England.

On coming in front of the Captain, he stopped short, and raised his hand respectfully to the peak of his forage cap.

Youatt attributes it to certain kinds of forage, which are peculiar to the above situations.

There I collected as much forage as possible, and the next day rode back with my caravan to Jacobsdaal.

In the meantime nothing was likely to happen until a fortnight's stock of provisions and forage for the army had been collected.

They live in rocky caverns in the forest, sleep by day like other beasts of prey, and go out at night to forage for food.

It was time again to land for dinner, or rather forage for our dinner, for we had no meat on board fit to eat.