Plunder [noun]

Definition of Plunder:

something stolen

Synonyms of Plunder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plunder:


Sentence/Example of Plunder:

We had hauled our manly tacks aboard, and had no thoughts of plunder.

She had money on board (the plunder of Malta) to the amount of L600,000 sterling.

It was profusely strewed with the plunder of that unlucky fortress.

Nevertheless, the Danes could not plunder England as easily as before.

An officer cried directly that he had helped to plunder a house last night.

They provoke no wars, they ravage no countries, they pursue no plunder.

When the detachment arrived, nothing was left for them but plunder.

They were a family of bandits lying in wait, ready to rifle and plunder.

Only remembering that if he plunder or brawl, I may have to leave him hanging on the next bush.'

He has ridden with them probably, and has had the piper's share of the plunder and whatever else was going.