Raven [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Raven:

The tresses of this lady were shining and black, like the plumage of the raven.

The raven, wolf, and eagle are the regular epic accompaniments of battle and carnage.

But the raven flew off and returned with a letter for the judge.

And in one tree sat a raven, beating his wings and cawing loudly.

If there's any wickedness going on, that raven's in it, I'll be sworn.'

The man smeared a fish with mud, and then threw it to the raven.

So the fisherman washed one of the fish, and threw it to the raven.

When he looked, it appeared like a human being in form, though it was a raven.

A Raven who did not like his black coat had the wish to grow as white as a Swan.

No,” said the Raven, “squeeze it but a little harder, and I shall be free!