Bituminous [adjective]

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There are four types: bituminous (soft), anthracite (hard), semi-bituminous and semi-anthracite.

More than 80% of Virginia's mining employment is in bituminous coal which is the chief mining product of the nation as a whole.

The odor of the petroleum first discovered was similar to that of the cheap bituminous coal.

They anoint their children with a bituminous ointment at their birth, to prevent the growth of hair.

Like all bituminous earths, it needs the strongest drying oil.

We have here fat coal, rich in bituminous matter; and see how it comes in pieces, almost without dust!

By 1900 the eight-hour day was the rule in the building trades, in granite cutting and in bituminous coal mining.

There is a locality of bituminous coal on Fox River, about forty miles south.

It exists in connection with bituminous shale, at an island in Thunder Bay.

Bituminous coal exists in great profusion in various parts of the Western Valley.