Stuff [noun]

Definition of Stuff:

personal belongings

Synonyms of Stuff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stuff:


Sentence/Example of Stuff:

I don't think much of his stuff, but they say he makes heaps of money.

You can peel the stuff out of your pockets with one hand, I figure.

But he said to himself "there was stuff in her: what a woman might be made of her!"

Add the seasonings, mix thoroughly, and stuff into the bird.

These landscape fellows buy their stuff direct, and the middleman's out.

These roots were Stigmaria, and the stuff into which they penetrated was an underclay.

I've got him in another barn; that stuff's as catchin' as measles.

"That is precisely the kind of stuff I do mean," answered Peter.

It's the stuff that a thousand summer-girl stories have been spun out of.

And she thought I was a bad influence on you, filling your head with stuff out of books.