Kit [noun]

Definition of Kit:

provisions, equipment

Synonyms of Kit:

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Sentence/Example of Kit:

Seeing the mother and her kits on film is encouraging, but it will be a long journey to usher more animals back to the park.

These kits include items like yoga mats and lip glosses that are tied to the event in order to make for a more immersive experience, but also to get attendees more engaged with the sponsoring brands.

The pair say they now ship about 200 orders a month of cookies, baking kits, and other goods nationwide.

To decide what goes in a spaceship first aid kit, researchers use NASA’s Integrated Medical Model, which forecasts which health problems the astronauts on a particular mission are most likely to have.

Not just Blue Apron with its meal kits, but online grocery-delivery firms too.

As a matter of fact, much as I should like them, all these things mean so many pounds extra kit.

Afterwards I hurried to my billet and hastily packed up all my kit, and marched the regiment down to the trenches.

But, as squire of dames, Kit was too much occupied to give further heed to business in the sala.

He found her with bright eyes and a faint flush in her cheeks over the letter Kit was writing to the south.

But before Kit could answer Ramon Rotil stood in the door, and his eyes went to the papers on the table.