Effects [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Effects:

She skilfully manages the side-lights, and by this means produces strong effects.

The voice of the orator peculiarly should be free from studied effects, and responsive to motive.

How is it that one instant of time should work those effects in the human mind which are so lasting in their results!

There are others who disclose a special susceptibility to the more simple effects of pathos.

Some fine effects could be produced by this, but of course the whole keyboard was affected and only chords could be played.

Many organs now constructed have their tonal effects more than doubled through adoption of this principle.

Everywhere I marked only pleasant and soothing effects from the use of tobacco.

Here too its many virtues were first discovered, and its soothing effects first felt and appreciated.

Being weak from the effects of her fall, Susy accepted the offer willingly, and was supported on the other side by a policeman.

He could not fail to note the different effects he and his cousin produced in her—the ghastly difference.