Things [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Things:

I know it all by heart—all the things to say to a man on the downward path.

Many other things I saw and heard, but was forbidden to relate.

Things as trifling as the turning of a shell may restore you to your rights.

But he was a man and his own master—if you can rightly call a man his own master that does them things.

I'm going back there, and get things in action, and I'm going to stay by them.

That was the way with his pa—he was a different man after things got to comin' too easy fur him.

Things looked unpromising, he couldn't but acknowledge, for his young client.

How frantic, as if all things were about to eventuate, remembering not that nothing ends.

"I'll attend to these things, ma," said Percival, rather suddenly.

And six weeks after that I had things in shape so't I was able to leave.