Conditions [noun]

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Where the outside conditions are not very favourable, practically all the British species may be grown with ease under glass.

Whatever the species, it is well to imitate the natural conditions as much as possible in the way of soil.

In such conditions many kinds which do not flourish very freely in the open garden, grow into handsome specimens.

Tom—I felt out of myself in a way—as though I'd escaped—into—into quite different conditions——'

Conditions in the new country had gone from bad to worse, and if the season should experience another drought, the worst was come.

The act, however, is a progressive piece of legislation and creates new conditions as the result of its own operation.

Modification in its terms growing in part out of these new conditions will subsequently be required from time to time.

At the end of the first year, however, she resigned this privilege because she did not wish to accept the conditions of the gift.

It is often present in the respiratory tract under normal conditions.

Diacetic acid occurs in the same conditions as acetone, but is less frequent and has more serious significance.