Possessions [noun]

Definition of Possessions:

control, ownership

Synonyms of Possessions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Possessions:




Sentence/Example of Possessions:

Some had goods or possessions, of which they wished to negotiate the sale.

Other millions began to fear the loss of their money and possessions.

They pass without scruple from husband to husband, with an eye to their possessions.

Entering her room, she closed the door and stood looking at her possessions.

The Host had taken us to a far away part of his possessions.

Half an hour would suffice for the packing of all his possessions.

The result was, that he more than recovered his possessions, and died an inveterate miser.

I have been successful in holding my possessions and power, and that is my merit.

All my other possessions shall not belong to myself more than to you.

He was satisfied to leave his other possessions to their fate.