Chattels [noun]

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More generally the nature of the chattels conveyed determine largely the character of the description.

When the downfall of Tryggvi had been accomplished, Astrid fled away bearing with her what chattels she might.

Then did the King take thence very great wealth in gold & silver and other chattels, weapons, & divers kinds of valuable things.

It has been shown that in the eyes of the law they were little better than the chattels of the Head of the House.

The women of his race were chattels, lazy and inert, without fire, merely drudges or playthings.

The man who claimed this unfortunate family as chattels acknowledged that they had always been faithful servants.

“Lives are of more importance than chattels, man,” said my father, in his sternest and most military way.

It was intimated that payment should be made for the chattels in question, or that they should be restored.

A beautiful athletic exercise, and one on which they often bet and risk all their personal goods and chattels.

The inhabitants hurried out for their lives, taking with them their chattels and fled to safer parts of the town.