Duds [noun]

Definition of Duds:


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Sentence/Example of Duds:

Get planted till dark, then hold up th' first bloke you see an' take 'is duds.

But I must go back first to get some o' my bits o' duds, and to tell father.

“How about getting some decent clothes,” ventured Donald, looking ruefully at his rough sea-duds.

Some of these shells were proper duds, and they made us laugh.

I'll go in and change my duds, and then I guess we're ready.

Just as I got your duds to the car, I stepped on a little dog.

It might be all well enough in the good old summer-time to let your duds dry on you, but not in this raw April weather.

I ha'n't had any good duds for a long time, and I'm tired o' lookin' like a scarecrow made out'n a salt bag.

"I mean—er—er—magazines with pictures of women's duds in 'em," he stammered, in explanation.

Still, I s'pose likely the duds don't come ready made, so they could be let out some, to fit.