Garb [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Garb:

So Aoki purchased a surgical robe, mask, and gloves and began showing up to homes dressed in full medical garb.

Seeing an entire family nestled under a lit Christmas tree in cozy matching garb tends to bring about the holiday cheer you didn’t even know was there.

Looking through this hole, the king perceived an old man weeping, a man in mourning garb singing, and a nun or widow dancing.

He did not have to wait very long until a man in the garb of a telegraph messenger came up the street.

Their garb, their gestures, their salutations, had a wild and barbarous character.

My attention was now directed to three who were among the worthiest, adorned with crowns, and in the silken garb of archangels.

He was dressed in khaki—a garb much affected by transcontinental automobile tourists.

Cardinal Wiseman, in his beautiful tale of Fabiola, attempts to rehabilitate the primitive ages in the garb of modern Romanism.

He told me himself, that ever since his ordination he has assumed what he calls a priestly garb.

Peale's most famous portrait is his painting of George Washington, clothed in the military garb of a colonel.