Feathers [noun]

Definition of Feathers:

tuft of bird; plumage

Synonyms of Feathers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feathers:


Sentence/Example of Feathers:

The old dowager's voice toned down, and she pulled her black feathers straight upon her head.

Admiration for brilliant colours, for moving things, such as feathers, is common to the two.

"They're great pink birds, without any feathers on 'em," replied the Hole-keeper, solemnly.

Many of the officials had on high-crowned hats decorated with bunches of feathers and crimson tassels.

The Red Feathers has not yet been produced, one reason being (perhaps) that it has never been offered to anybody.

They went away feeling ready for any trouble in reason, and they gave Leo more peacock feathers and pence than he could count.

The male Black Redstart has also a white patch on the wing caused by the pale, nearly white, margins of the feathers.

The young birds of the year, in their first feathers, cannot be distinguished, and the same may be said of the eggs.

Perhaps it was as well that she allowed such responsibilities to slip past her like water running off the feathers of a duck.

"Kind of look careful along toward the end—in the tail feathers of it, so to speak," he advised.