Quill [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quill:

His only nourishment was milk, drawn from a bottle through a quill.

When he flaps his wings or even moves a quill the thunder peals.

In reality they are birds of the same feather: each has a quill and uses it.

The Sibyl picked them up and wrote with an eagle's quill on each.

From his poem, "On receiving an eagle's quill from Lake Superior."

She put the quill into his hand and spread the paper before him.

Then he drew towards him a sheet of paper, and, taking a quill, he sat toying with it.

There was no sound in the room but the scratch and splutter of his quill.

He laid down his quill and loaded his pair of silver-mounted pistols.

For example, a quill or a scroll may be the basis for such a "crest."