Fringe [noun]

Definition of Fringe:

border, trimming

Synonyms of Fringe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fringe:

Sentence/Example of Fringe:

In the outer fringes of the solar system, objects were so cold and slow-moving, apparently, that they could simply touch and stick together.

Before the pandemic, Frailey knew a little bit about QAnon, but he hadn’t given such an easily debunked fringe theory much of his time.

If successful, they might not be on the fringes of American politics for much longer.

Altogether, I’ve spent the fringes of three winters there — in 1991, 1995 to 1996, and 2007 to 2008.

Most of the deaths have occurred near the village of Seronga on the northern fringes of the Okavango Delta, a vast swampy inland region that hosts huge wildlife populations.

These form one of the many island groups that hang like a fringe or festoon on the skirt of the continent of Asia.

The crowd disposed itself on the fringe of the sward, and the duellists went forward, and set about the preparations.

The walls were covered with silk and velvet hangings, ornamented with gold fringe, while rich carpets were spread underfoot.

The late Caleb Whitefoord, seeing a lady knotting fringe for a petticoat, asked her, what she was doing?

He was not a man to dodge trouble that might bring profit dangling to the fringe of her skirt.