Periphery [noun]

Definition of Periphery:

outskirts, outer edge

Synonyms of Periphery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Periphery:

Sentence/Example of Periphery:

Even chiaroscuros, with their few sober tones, fell into this periphery.

So the intervals will be equal in the directions both of the periphery and of the length.

So a circle is a figure: Because it is a plaine every way bounded with one periphery.

If the angle in the periphery be equall to the angle in the center, it is double to it in base.

A tangent is but one onely in that point of the periphery Schoner.

Draw a periphery by three points, which doe not fall in a right line.

Therefore the remainder aei, is the double of the other aoi, in the periphery.

Let the periphery of the section aoe, to be halfed or cut into two equall parts.

The plaine of the ray and one quarter of the periphery, is the content of the semicircle.

It is made by turning about of the side about the periphery beneath.