Perimeter [noun]

Definition of Perimeter:

circumference, border

Synonyms of Perimeter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perimeter:

Sentence/Example of Perimeter:

There were guards surrounding the perimeter with radar search beams.

The Radius is a right line drawne from the center to the perimeter.

Also, the lowest part of the perimeter of a geometrical figure.

But that multiplication, is a multiplication of the Perpendicular by the Perimeter or bout-line.

The perimeter of a figure is the outer boundary or measure around it.

Some mining camps that can't be located inside the perimeter.

Meta was on night perimeter duty and should be back to her quarters soon.

I've been fighting your war for you Kerk, while you stayed safely inside the perimeter.

Your talkers will launch the attack on the far side of the perimeter.

Ahead, on the far side of a burnt corridor, stood the perimeter.