Margin [noun]

Definition of Margin:

border; room around something

Synonyms of Margin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Margin:

Sentence/Example of Margin:

But the margin has it "of thy servant," which does not agree with the person of the verb.

There is a limit to the best man's experience; a margin of error in the best man's judgment.

We went down to the margin, under the bank, and pursued our way along the stream.

In the margin of the register is written, “This was her funeral text.”

He perused the papers earnestly, making pencil-marks on the margin here and there.

In that MS. the lines are all written out to the margin, without any regard to the measure.

"Now they've found it," one would be certain, stopping the pencil on the margin.

By the margin of a pond that we passed a tall night-heron was standing on one leg.

Hence they may be employed in cleaning books which have been defaced by writing on the margin, without impairing the text.

The striations on the margin are deep and distinct, as in the Orange Amanita.