Hem [noun]

Definition of Hem:

border, edge

Synonyms of Hem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hem:

Sentence/Example of Hem:

Here was one sister curled up happily against a big tree, setting tiny stitches into a very straight hem.

I supply Ne lak (defect) in hem, to make some sense; the F. text does not help here.

Mrs. McAllister, finding out in some way that Violet was a clever seamstress, sent home fine linen handkerchiefs for her to hem.

Fold the front at the first pattern row, and hem it to form the scallop at the edge.

Hilda left the road, with a trace of its red dust on the hem of her skirt, and struck out into the Maidan.

The stick in the hem on the lower edge of the shade is supplied with a screweye, A, at each end.

The welkin rang with applause, while Lazaref kissed his benefactor's hands and the hem of his coat.

Akuy nagsinad-ung sa sidsid, I sewed the hem with buttonhole stitches.

Thyra knelt and kissed the hem of the Arab chief's garment in humble gratitude.

Ugly Chappo came shyly forward and, uncovered, touched the hem of her skirt to his lips.