Define [verb]

Definition of Define:

give description

Synonyms of Define:

Opposite/Antonyms of Define:

Sentence/Example of Define:

The appointment has yet to be announced, and the scope of the job hasn’t been fully defined yet because it’s a new position.

Long-tail keyphrases are defined as those that are different from general keywords.

Most large stone circles in western England and Wales have clearly defined entrances, but it’s not clear that the proposed entryway at Waun Mawn served that purpose.

Ambiguous loss is not only difficult to define, but it’s also difficult to live with.

Scientists haven’t yet identified an “immune correlate of protection,” which is usually defined to be the level of antibodies in the blood at which they can feel confident that a person is going to be protected from infection.

The plan did not define an income amount, leaving that open to interpretation.

Kylee Lee thought she had left behind the toxic culture that had defined her workplace for years.

Aside from donating nearly one-quarter of Acadia’s acreage, Rockefeller’s 45 miles of carriage roads and stone bridges are among the park’s defining features.

To ensure consistency, we defined a standard for each category.

Because the universe has expanded in the time it took those waves to reach us, the source is indeed 17 billion light-years away, according to one standard method of defining distance.