Elucidate [verb]

Definition of Elucidate:

explain in detail

Synonyms of Elucidate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elucidate:

Sentence/Example of Elucidate:

These visual aids elucidate the complicated mathematical concepts underlying Mirzakhani’s work, for which she won the Fields Medal in 2014.

Because the double pentagon and the dodecahedron are geometric cousins, the former’s high degree of symmetry can elucidate the structure of the latter.

To elucidate this it is necessary to plunge into the jungle of pure economic theory.

I was so happy at the opportunity to elucidate my motives to intelligent Americans,—and he was sleeping!

Perhaps some of your correspondents would elucidate this singular oblation.

In dwelling so long on this point my object was not so much to elucidate Liszt's meaning as Chopin's character as a composer.

Toryl, somewhat deflated, but by no means defeated, hastened to elucidate.

Many explanatory remarks are inserted to elucidate the story.

Remember this is taken up with a view to elucidate and explain what is so very hard in Hebrew.

But the point that official history does not attempt to elucidate is the reason for this decision.