Mystify [verb]

Definition of Mystify:

bewilder, confuse

Synonyms of Mystify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mystify:

Sentence/Example of Mystify:

Two blocks of moving waggons will mystify them, not attract them.

Colonel Ellwell contrived to mystify the people a little as follows.

"We don't care to mystify you, Leopold," laughed Mr. Hamilton.

“A very learned person,” said Rhoda, to whom it was delight to mystify Molly.

"It came from Ball & Black's," said our hero, willing to mystify him.

“Precisely the length of her ability to mystify me,” he replied.

"The more we mystify them, the more they will fear us," said the doctor.

We shall have a laugh at them afterwards, and if I were in your place I'd mystify them more than ever.

Still he did not scruple about giving it, or attempt in any manner to mystify or to deceive.

Had it really been lost—or had it been placed there in order to mystify and mislead the police?