Puzzle [verb]

Definition of Puzzle:

baffle, confuse

Synonyms of Puzzle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puzzle:

Sentence/Example of Puzzle:

He had discovered years before that he was sometimes able thus to puzzle her momentarily.

There was no reasoning which could help him in the midst of that puzzle.

We see that the puzzle about identity proves at last to be of Grecian origin.

There was another consideration, however, which at this time was rather a puzzle.

He made for his own woods, and sat down to try to puzzle it out.

She had been trying to puzzle him, he thought, but had failed!

Even British experts have not made any attempt to solve the puzzle.

How Indian shopkeepers live at all is always a puzzle to me.

One request he utters in the very act of death, which has been a puzzle to after ages.

When a feller has been doin' a puzzle it kind of satisfies him to find out the answer.