Perplex [verb]

Definition of Perplex:

confuse, mix up

Synonyms of Perplex:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perplex:

Sentence/Example of Perplex:

He was a poet without knowing it, and his gifts only served to perplex him further.

If I have my private doubts, why should I set them up to perplex the community withal?

It was not so difficult as to perplex them, and yet it required attention and care.

The idea of his teacher's trying to perplex and embarrass him, was entirely new.

"I don't want to perplex you, but I have done something," said Nick, getting up.

That did not perplex Heidi though, for she saw two glasses standing behind.

Some of the girls asked foolish questions just to perplex her.

This poverty in nature must perplex the Mesopotamian artist.

The boat began to move, and the motion seemed to perplex some of the oarsmen.

The least religion is enough to perplex him, and the best will not satisfy him.