Fog [noun]

Definition of Fog:

heavy mist that reduces visibility

Synonyms of Fog:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fog:

Sentence/Example of Fog:

It marks a new beginning, escorts us through our mental fog, and gets us safely into the next phase of our day.

The fog of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic continues to loom — and now that sense of foreboding unknown is starting to affect the norms of fall marketing.

This might explain why stepping outside on a bright sunny day helps clear the fog from your head.

There I was high enough up to have fog both above and below me.

That’s because if you’re near fog, you’re probably inside it.

The fire along the three miles front is like the rumble of an express train running over fog signals.

The huge sail thrust its yard high above the fog bank, and watchers on the river side saw it.

On the 7th of August we neared the Canary Isles, but unfortunately, on account of the thick fog, we could not see them.

If there be no facilities for stopping for the night, a driver is not negligent should he proceed through the fog.

The sand hung in fog-like clouds shrouding the sun, dimming the usual brilliance.