Cognizance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cognizance:

He did not seem to take cognizance of the fact that we had a two weeks' board-bill to pay before we should get that far.

All that we know is that they existed from the remotest period of which we have cognizance, long before the pyramids were built.

Hesitatingly she came forward, and Houston's dulled mentality at last took cognizance that a hand was extended slightly.

Wherefore he prays judgment whether this court can or will take further cognizance of the action aforesaid.

But there are wrongs which are not punishable by the law, being too small and undefinable for its cognizance.

But the erecting a court solely for the purpose of taking cognizance of them, suggests an idea that they were many and various.

And he ended that eventful day, so far as the world of men could have cognizance, by retiring to his own room.

In an important sense he is one-sided, since he does not take cognizance of other truths equally important.

Now the perfect club takes cognizance of these three classes of women and provides for them all.

It is surmised that Ojeda attended to the four Indians before taking cognizance of his wound.