Haze [noun]

Definition of Haze:

cloudy air

Synonyms of Haze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haze:

Sentence/Example of Haze:

The thin haze of clouds parted as we entered a valley deep in the Monashee Mountains of southeast British Columbia.

As I type this, smoky air from the Sierra Nevada mountains is pouring into San Francisco, casting a deep orange haze across the city, as well as much of the American west.

Look closely and you can see that the haze is divided into dozens of layers.

Within days, the haze caught a westerly wind, casting fine particles through the air as far as El Cajon.

The belated moon stole up from its lair, hovered above the sky-line, a gaudy orange sphere in the haze of smoke.

At ten o'clock a very thick haze spread over the land and so enveloped it that nothing could be distinguished.

Clouds of haze moved around, and when the moon came up she seemed to be glowering from her shroud.

A pallid haze breathes wanly on the surface of the impassive sky.

The upper edge of the sun was just visible above the horizon, gleaming through the haze like a speck of ruddy fire.

In drying, some of the oil of the last painting is absorbed by what is beneath it, and the dead haze is the result.