Clearness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clearness:

Liszt gave it with a velvety softness, clearness, brilliancy and pearliness of touch that was inimitable.

She had wakened up in the night, and perceived with dreadful clearness that trouble lay in front of her.

Yet out of the whole discussion of the matter some few things begin to merge into the clearness of certain day.

And then she saw him before her in the darkness with a painful clearness, as if he were lit up by the burning rays of the sun.

The thing bequeathed must be described with sufficient clearness to identify it, nothing more is required.

Sometimes I wonder if my father in the clearness of his new vision does not join them in their mirth.

In subsequent diagrams the two reaction lines will, for the sake of clearness, be drawn as if slightly inclined to the vertical.

Lewes's Biographical History of Philosophy has the merit of clearness, and is very interesting, but rather superficial.

In the wisdom of Socrates you see some higher force than intellectual hardihood or intellectual clearness.

From side windows there comes a good light; and from the roof, which has a central transparency, additional clearness is obtained.