Involve [verb]

Definition of Involve:

draw in; include

Synonyms of Involve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Involve:

Sentence/Example of Involve:

Nelson has been involved with previous protests related to the coronavirus pandemic.

This involves a lot of data entry, and most states require growers to submit this information in Metrc.

Facebook will now attempt to identify groups where an admin is not involved and proactively suggest admin roles to members who may be interested.

The Pentagon is involved with the distribution of vaccines, but civilian health workers will be the ones giving shots.

The 737 Max was grounded March 13, 2019, three days after the second crash involving a safety feature on the plane that malfunctioned and repeatedly sent the planes into a dive toward the ground.

Relatives of another person involved said the minor is paid an hourly rate and can score bonuses if his posts spur higher engagement.

The trial, which involves more than 30,000 participants in several countries, has started back up again in the UK only so far.

They just hope Oracle, whatever it is, and whatever its deal involves, doesn’t get in the way.

Other mega tech deals involving British firms have ended badly.

There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve a calculating intention to say the nice agreeable thing.