Entail [verb]

Definition of Entail:

require; result in

Synonyms of Entail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entail:

Sentence/Example of Entail:

Personal and Social Covenanting both entail obligation on the Covenanting parties.

But men also humiliate us, degrade us, jeer at, ridicule the miseries that they and their society entail upon us.

The mention by Hogarth of Ridley and Latimer they considered irrelevant; their fathers' heroic mood was a detail: not an entail.

He hadn't been specific about what the "or else" would entail.

It cannot, Sir Wycherly; nor with a will, so long as an heir of entail can be found.

The entail was made to exclude females, only because of the old Lady Granard.

Failing such caution, mistakes which may entail serious consequences are likely to arise.

The words, "for all the law is fulfilled in one word," entail a criticism of the Galatians.

He knew that the attempt to remove this scandal would entail a desperate conflict with the princes of the earth.

He was persuaded that the plan she was adopting would entail the ruin of religion and of her son's throne.