Require [verb]

Definition of Require:

need, want

Synonyms of Require:

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Sentence/Example of Require:

This may make a good depot if we require to stay long in this neighbourhood.

But while we do justice to others, we must require that justice be done to us.

They may walk, to be sure, but it is exactly the inducement to walk that they require.

To be so particular as you require in subjects of conversation, it is impossible to be short.

It will require sacrifice, but it can be done, and done fairly.

I require your confidence for what I have already said; but I know you have money, and moneyed friends.

Some cans, however, require that the lids be soldered in place.

I am glad that there is soothing in these dried leaves for those who require it.

Will she require me to look after her in the matter of pepper and salt?

But you will require no more on this subject—I must be left master of myself.