Necessitate [verb]

Definition of Necessitate:

call for, make necessary

Synonyms of Necessitate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Necessitate:

Sentence/Example of Necessitate:

That did not necessitate masks and veils and sudden flights.

That would, of course, necessitate the death of yourself and Crane.

And hence their number does not necessitate plurality in God.

“So long as it does not necessitate any explanations,” indifferently.

This will necessitate the use of the bevel in laying off the shoulders of the tenons.

Its reception, however, does not necessitate social attentions.

And how do they necessitate a higher evolution of the organism?

The situation in Wyoming did not necessitate haste on their part, and so they had waited.

It guides, it need not coerce or necessitate, though it may.

Housman said he received a telegram which will necessitate his meeting his partner at Genoa.