Compel [verb]

Definition of Compel:

force to act

Synonyms of Compel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compel:

Sentence/Example of Compel:

They will try to compel you to confession; and, though you are blameless, you will suffer the cruelest ordeal of transgression.

If there had been a loss, something like that amount, then the courts would compel him to pay.

B could compel him to do so, and the expense must be borne by A because his deed of warranty required him to give a clear title.

Oppressive laws compel me to pay a portion of my hard earnings to support them in their pride and indolence.

A defective acknowledgment by a married woman is worthless, nor will any court compel her to make another one.

One of the most common things is to compel persons who refuse to perform their contracts to execute them.

Notwithstanding, the employer is the owner of the patent and may compel the patentee to transfer it to him.

Nor can a debtor compel his creditor to receive one cent and five cent pieces to a greater amount than twenty-five cents.

In times of flood, the walls of the terraces compel the tide to flow over the tops of these accumulations.

One man cannot force a benefit on another without his knowledge or consent, and then compel him to pay for it.