Enforce [verb]

Definition of Enforce:

put a rule, plan in force

Opposite/Antonyms of Enforce:

Sentence/Example of Enforce:

Those traits make the Aerospace goggles particularly useful now while my local mountain, Mount Ashland in Oregon, is strictly enforcing a mask rule in lift lines.

The NBA has a rule that players must stand for the anthem, but it has declined to enforce it in recent years.

As one lawyer essentially put it, there’s what the law says is required, and then what the SEC ever bothers to enforce.

The task of distributing vaccines was in many ways less complicated for the District than for any state — the city has only one health department and could make and enforce centralized decisions.

All these manual actions do are enforce the existing policies and guidelines Google has already published within its help documents.

Apple’s intent for SKADNetwork is clear, but how it will enforce it remains a source of intrigue for many observers.

Justin Brookman, head of tech policy at Consumer Reports, questioned whether the California AG’s office actually would enforce GPC opt-out adoption, or at least how soon that enforcement would start.

The health department would not do anything about it or enforce it.

That decision meant the NCAA’s rule book would remain intact for the 2021-22 school year, even as state and now federal legislation threatens to undercut the organization’s ability to enforce those policies.

Earlier during the shutdown, Roberton used his enforced time off to hone his wine-tasting skills and post YouTube videos.