Fortify [verb]

Definition of Fortify:

make strong and secure; add to

Synonyms of Fortify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fortify:

Sentence/Example of Fortify:

But, in terms of our ability to fortify against those impending risks, it’s a system that’s not very adaptable to climate change.

After your paddle, stroll over to the Jordan Pond House, where you can soak up the view once more, this time while fortifying yourself on creamy lobster stew and popovers.

He thought they were safe, that the Capitol doors and windows were fortified to withstand blows and bullets.

In the United States, it’s best known, and well-loved, as a soup of greens, tiny pasta and meatballs, flavorful and fortifying.

Some formulas are already fortified with proteins and carbohydrates derived synthetically or from cow’s milk.

Iodized salt, milk fortified with vitamins A and D, and enriched flour are a few examples.

Revisiting this recipe, I’ve added lemon extract to fortify the lemon flavor, I bake them smaller and at higher temperature, and I coat them with sugar to create a crispy exterior.

In male bodies, this hormone fortifies sperm and keeps males fertile.

The goal of those funds is to help the quasi-independent agency recover its lost revenue from the pandemic and fortify it in time for the election.

Given the costs of building instruments that are fortified against the planet’s challenges, things might really come down to whether lawmakers think there’s enough bang for the buck.