Reinforce [verb]

Definition of Reinforce:

strengthen, augment

Synonyms of Reinforce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reinforce:

Sentence/Example of Reinforce:

Then there came upon him to reinforce this want a burning sense of defeat.

A regiment which had left Fort Colburne was said to be on the road to reinforce them.

He advised that the Guides should be called up to reinforce the brigade.

The First brigade had been ordered to reinforce its picket line.

Devin came up next and was put on the line to reinforce Gibbs.

Also reinforce along the lines of the strain from peg to pole.

The blue wave from the wood came to reinforce the blue wave in front.

The grey fell, and the ranks must close with none to reinforce.

Meade gave back, back—and then Mansfield came in thunder to reinforce the blue.

It will also enable them to spare troops to reinforce Bragg.