Supplement [noun]

Definition of Supplement:

something added

Synonyms of Supplement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supplement:



Sentence/Example of Supplement:

He is able to supplement the front-sight method by the usual estimate by eye.

Teachers will supplement them or substitute others at their pleasure.

In fact, we shall have to supplement it, before we can go before anybody with it.

His last touch was to supplement the decanter of sherry with a bottle of vodka.

Miss Warren would have been at least surprised to see it in our supplement.

The only restriction in the supplement was, that they should not be sold below par.

Other methods, however, may supplement the pathological one.

There is no balance where independence and subordination do not supplement each other.

From October 1622 he added a supplement of books printed in English.

Why should he feel it necessary to supplement their assurance so significantly?