Bell [noun]

Definition of Bell:

signaling object or sound

Synonyms of Bell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bell:


Sentence/Example of Bell:

I was rather awed by his imposing appearance, and advanced timidly to the doors, which were of glass, and pulled the bell.

When the whole hunt is hunting up, each single change is made between the whole hunt, and the next bell above it.

Keep closely covered with a bell glass and, in a few weeks, more or less, the baby Ferns will start to put in an appearance.

Mrs. Vivian had hardly spoken when the sharp little vibration of her door-bell was heard in the hall.

Every bell lies four times together before, and four times behind, except only when the extream changes are made behind.

Dobson, mouth agape, struck a little bell on the desk and the orderly stepped in from the outer room.

On this the royal band of music would strike up its liveliest airs, and a great bell would toll its evening warning.

To little Yung Pak, the loud tones of the bell meant more even than to the sentinels at the gates.

In this poem we find there are four stanzas, each occupied with a different kind of bell.

The general rang the bell, and Monsieur Barbiche's friend took his leave.