Complement [noun]

Definition of Complement:

companion, counterpart

Synonyms of Complement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complement:

Sentence/Example of Complement:

Rusenko acknowledges that QR-code ordering may not be for everyone and notes that it is designed as a complement rather than a replacement for traditional service from a waiter.

As he had on Tuesday, he also explicitly made the link between having a full complement of nine justices and a potential need for the Supreme Court to rule on a disputed election result.

There’s been a series of programs, intentional and targeted interventions, that really allow us now to look at the full complement of our people’s journey.

Face masks can be a complement to other things when other things are safely in place.

Their streaming ad inventory was sold in complement to their linear ad inventory.

Take a case in Trigonometry—a Complement is what remains after subtracting an angle from one right-angle.

Her total Naval complement is 2200 officers and enlisted men of the regular Navy.

The French continually offers redundancy of subject or complement, but not with the relative.

It is the apt accompaniment of a whining tongue, the fit complement of a verjuice countenance.

There is no dramme of manhood to suspect,On such thin ayrie circumstance as thisMeere complement and courtship.