Poignant [adjective]

Definition of Poignant:

affecting, painful

Synonyms of Poignant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poignant:

Sentence/Example of Poignant:

She could not at first guess any possible cause for an emotion so poignant.

Those were days of fond reminiscence and poignant regret on my part.

All at once the poignant and disgusting attack of the insects ceased.

Thy heart is ingenuous and sincere; thy misfortune is poignant and affecting.

Had I done so, how poignant would be my remorse at the retribution of our own sufferings, and the pity of those I had so injured!

All the good he heard said of his victim ended by causing him poignant anxiety.

But grief is almost too poignant a word for what is so stingless as this.

None the less was Sim's distress as poignant as if the grounds for it had been more real.

To Pitt, this separation was the poignant climax of all his sufferings.

There was something about this courier's mien and person that awoke a poignant memory.