Moving [adjective]

Definition of Moving:

affecting, exciting

Opposite/Antonyms of Moving:

Sentence/Example of Moving:

He was moving leisurely, keeping his horse at the cattle pony's lope.

Firing from ambush and moving from place to place, he would seem more than one man.

A phantom of him moving silent about the house fill the part as well!

When he stood behind her, silent and not moving, she turned slowly about and faced him.

Sidney could hear her moving about with flat, inelastic steps.

Moving from enclosure to enclosure of box, she came, before she knew it, to the house itself.

In the other case the moving and steering was done by turning a peg.

For at first she only perceived that a dim shadow was moving under the moonlight.

Of course this could be prevented by moving the camp out of range of this hill.

He could hear Cazi Moto moving about, arranging clothes and equipment.