Unmoving [adjective]

Definition of Unmoving:

not active

Synonyms of Unmoving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmoving:


Sentence/Example of Unmoving:

I was, indeed, a spirit in prison; and unspeakable was my dumb and unmoving agony.

They stood very still, unmoving, unspeaking while the shower fell.

But for a long time Kasia sat there, unmoving, trying to understand.

He looked around the fixed cabin and out the porthole at the unmoving stars.

The result flashed in the window and he stared at it, unmoving.

He sat there as though youth had left him, unmoving, never lifting his eyes.

Cully stared at the edges of the unmoving curtain before him.

The next morning when Zarwell awoke he lay for a moment, unmoving.

The other man chewed at his lip nervously while Brion sat, relaxed and unmoving.

Seconds ticked by as Ulv, unmoving, fought with questions that were novel to his life.