Unemotional [adjective]

Definition of Unemotional:

not responsive

Opposite/Antonyms of Unemotional:

Sentence/Example of Unemotional:

And really they're the most unemotional and matter-of-fact couple I ever saw.

I observe the workings of unemotional law and sometimes record them.

And even Willy Bartlett chimed in with an unemotional: "Good work!"

His speech was as unemotional and businesslike as when addressing her.

“If Tempest says so, he probably is,” remarked the unemotional Dicky.

“Lower school,” began the doctor in a hard, dry, unemotional voice.

Patience, usually cool and unemotional, colored with pleasure.

Of all those present in the little church he had seemed most unemotional, and had been most moved.

The voice was Clementina's, unexpected but quiet, unemotional and convincing.

Willie Winter could never take that unemotional point of view.