Heartless [adjective]

Definition of Heartless:

without feeling; cold

Synonyms of Heartless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartless:

Sentence/Example of Heartless:

These leagues and athletes contorting themselves beyond normal recognition aren’t doing so only because of mindless momentum, or to satisfy heartless television executives.

The cruel and heartless local Skyline megachurch, which we attended when I was a kid, whose website lies that “you more likely to die from a lightning strike than the Covid-19 virus.”

I never imagined people could be that callous and heartless and cruel.

Poor Hephzibah obeyed; she little suspected the heartless trick played at her expense.

Her life at home is too quiet for her, she has few friends and no education; you call me heartless.

Carry, and one or two more were grave; and an indignant voice said, "How wickedly heartless!"

Yes; and I also dare to tell M. d'Infreville that his conduct towards his wife has been both disgraceful and heartless.

The heartless, unthinking girls tripped gaily down to the carriage, and drove off.

Science is heartless, notwithstanding the personal purity of the majority of her helpless votaries.

Swan let out another roar of heartless laughter, and together with his woman galloped down the hill.