Pitiless [adjective]

Definition of Pitiless:

without mercy or care

Synonyms of Pitiless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitiless:

Sentence/Example of Pitiless:

Her struggles met only the unbending, pitiless resistance of steel.

I knew there must be help; some hand outstretched in a pitiless world.

In fine, our fathers bore the brunt of more raging and pitiless elements than we.

She wriggled her chin in his palm, trying to free herself from his pitiless staring.

If there be a pitiless community in this world, it is a small New England village.

"You told Him that all girls were the same sort of girls," said the pitiless voice.

It certainly sounds like a child crying out in the pitiless storm.

He flung out his hands at Cousin Egbert in a gesture of pitiless scorn.

The war has brought the mystery of death to our hearts with pitiless insistence.

All these women who misconduct themselves are pitiless and severe.