Inhumane [adjective]

Definition of Inhumane:

animal, savage

Opposite/Antonyms of Inhumane:

Sentence/Example of Inhumane:

A memory hangs about me of the House in the early afternoon, an inhumane desolation inhabited almost entirely by silk hats.

I suppose it's inhumane, but mine is a monstrously interesting trade, even in a little place like this.

But old soldiers are not usually inhumane—on the contrary, they are often very gentle beings.

But artifice was necessary, he had found, for stemming the cold and inhumane blast of the world's contempt.

This is inhumane, but no one ever considered war a school of humanity—still less civil war.

True, Kautsky would not then have had the possibility of contrasting the humane Communards with the inhumane Bolsheviks.

It would be inhumane in the Editor to ask any of it for himself, when it is about to undergo such an exertion.

We public men, madam, often have to do very hard and even inhumane things for no apparent reason.

So the brawl passed with no other casualty than might seem comic to the inhumane.

The slaves were a caste, but the laws regarding them were exact and not inhumane.