Relentless [adjective]

Definition of Relentless:

cruel, merciless

Opposite/Antonyms of Relentless:

Sentence/Example of Relentless:

"And that isn't the worst of it," the relentless daughter broke in.

What have I done that you should follow me with this relentless spite?

The nobleman tried yet harder, yet could not please his relentless critic.

They were businesslike, relentless, cold, they belonged to the world of the harbor!

"Not that it would make any difference if she stayed," pursued the relentless George.

I doubted not that, true to his relentless purpose, he was spreading the news that he had learnt.

The noon sun was relentless; nowhere was there relief from it.

But to this Andre-Louis offered the most relentless opposition.

Here then, was the weak spot in the armor of this relentless millionaire—his daughter.

The relentless, menacing tone chilled him and sapped his self-control.